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Solomon Lederer, Ph.D.


Dr. Lederer has over 15 years of technical experience in computer system design and programming. He has been teaching about blockchain and Ethereum for 3 years and recently co-authored Blockchain: A Practical Guide to Developing Business, Law, and Technology Solutions. Prior to working on blockchain technology, he was a software architect at at The Wall Street Journal and managed the transition from legacy publishing infrastructure to the Amazon cloud, migrating hundreds of apps to the AWS platform, redesigning the publishing flow and replacing many services to use AWS alternatives from databases to load balancers to queuing and messaging systems.

Prior to WSJ, Lederer was a software engineer at Morgan Stanley rebuilding their global margin requirement calculation system for increased accuracy and speed. The system provides cross-asset portfolio-based margin calculations and risk measures in real time. It also incorporates U.S. regulatory rules and assesses margin requirements. 

Prior to Morgan Stanley, Dr. Lederer worked on distributed networks both at BAE Systems, a defense contractor, and as a PhD candidate. At BAE Systems he held a DoD TS (top secret) clearance to develop a novel mobile ad-hoc network for the US Air Force. As a PhD student he developed original algorithms that determine the location of thousands of randomly placed nodes without GPS.  By combining disciplines of algorithms, sensor networks, and computational geometry, Dr. Lederer was able to solve the localization problem for ad-hoc sensor networks.

Sean T. McKeough


Sean T. McKeough is an educator and contributor in the emerging technology space with a focus on blockchain and its disintermediation of legacy systems. Specifically, how blockchain technology will benefit not only private and public industry but also citizens and governments by way of transparency and the ability to track provenance. Before starting Blockmatics, Sean worked for major production houses in film and television, leading varying size teams in daily operations strategy.

Karl Floersch

smart contract Advisor

After working as a software developer at Citibank, Karl has moved to developing production-ready blockchain systems and now works full-time at an Ethereum company. He also maintains an Ethereum-focused blog karl.tech and can be heard giving an insider’s scoop as a repeat guest on the Ether Review podcast. He dreams of a future where the line between robot and human disappears, space and time become fungible and a new world order begins.

Chris Dannen

Course Design Advisor

Chris Dannen is a writer. His latest book, Introducing Ethereum and Solidity is available on Amazon and teaches readers about the Ethereum project, its scripting language Solidity and the blockchain space as a whole. Chris is also the co-founder of Iterative Capital Management, a private investment fund offering accredited investors exposure to tradeable cryptographic assets. His passion for design led him to current advisor roles for both Loomia, a smart fabric startup and the Los Angeles architecture firm M-RAD.

Abe Lederer


Abe Lederer Esq. is a member of the NY and NJ bars, who has gone from criminal prosecution for the DA to studying how blockchain technology will change the legal landscape. He has handled hundreds of cases from federal copyright law to NYC restaurant law, and is an adjunct Professor of Business Law at Touro College.


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