The Business of Blockchains

Distill 6 months of independent research into 6 hours

This course is an interactive, in-depth training program on blockchain technology, its use cases and implementations. From experimenting with the Open Bazaar bitcoin marketplace to launching a personal blockchain on Microsoft Azure we guide our students through hands on exercises, demonstrations, and facilitate group discussions.

Our graduates walk away with a solid foundation and understanding of how consensus is achieved in distributed systems, how smart contracts can facilitate automated business logic, the different types of blockchains available, and why this technology is going to disintermediate industries.

Clients have included Fortune 500 executives, members from the academic community, government officials, technologists, and hobbyists.  If you or your company are interested in receiving private or personalized instruction, please email

Over 100 Graduates to Date

Here's what some are saying

"Fully staffed with incredibly helpful and friendly subject matter experts."

- Brook Armstrong, CEO, Blockskye


"Great overview on blockchain, bitcoin and real-life applications of the technology."

- Lisa Yokoyama, VP Digital Product, American Express


"The instructors were on steriods! Hold onto your hat and enjoy the Blockchain ride."

- Cathy Smith, Developer, UBS


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