Ethereum Developer Class - Create your own Dapp
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Ethereum Developer Class - Create your own Dapp

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Are you interested in becoming one of the few people qualified to build the tech of the future?

Start Programming Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain and create a front-end decentralized application in this 1-day crash course.

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The topic of Blockchains and Digital Currency has exploded over the past 18 months. As proof the total market cap for cyrptocurrency surpassed $100 billion in July 2017. With global enterprises from Walmart to JP Morgan, IBM, Microsoft and more all getting involved the need for experienced programmers for these veteran and newly minted companies alike is growing at an unfillable rate.

Experienced Blockchain Developers Demand Big Salaries

What types of developer positions are out there? Check out this Coindesk article.

In this course you will learn how to code using the programming language Solidity and create your own decentralized application. Solidity is the most popular programming language on the most popular distributed computing platform for developers called the Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum is unique in that it allows for full programs to reside and run on its blockchain. These programs are often called Smart Contracts and are often a part of Dapps, or distributed applications.

Want to get into Ethereum coding but don't know where to start? Learn what a smart contract is, the programming language Solidity, and then write and deploy your first smart contract.


1-day Programming Class. 6.5 hours plus 1-hr Lunch



  • Introduction to Ethereum and Smart Contracts

  • Install and setup Metamask

  • Overview of the Truffle IDE and Ganache local node

  • Web3 Javascript connector
  • The Solidity programming language: modifiers, fallback functions, events

  • Writing a Pet Adoption decentralized app

  • Deploying and interacting with your dapp


Instructor: Solomon Lederer Ph.D., received his doctorate in distributed and ad-hoc sensor networks where he came up with novel ways for networks to self organize. He went on to apply his research into developing new wireless networks for the U.S. Air Force. He has been teaching about blockchain and Ethereum for 2 years.


Prerequisites: Previous programming experience is required. Some familiarity of Javascript is ideal, but other programming experience is sufficient too.


Requirements: Laptop, Chrome browser (with ability to install plugins).


Past Graduates Said:

"Fully staffed with incredibly helpful and friendly subject matter experts."

- Brook Armstrong, CEO, Blockskye


"Awesome!! Very engaging and interactive class. The trainers were very helpful. Learnt a lot. Great material. "

- Arpita Bhatia


"Something universities can never offer."

- Alan Wang, Software Developer, Swifto


Seating is Limited. Sign-Up Today

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Clients have included Fortune 500 executives, members from the academic community, government officials, technologists, and hobbyists. If you or your company have any questions or are interested in receiving private or personalized consultation, please email

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Blockchain & Law: Morning Symposium
8:00 AM08:00

Blockchain & Law: Morning Symposium

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On May 11-17 CoinDesk, in partnership with the NYC Economic Development Corporation, will be hosting Blockchain Week, the largest gathering of its type in NYC. The week includes two of the leading blockchain conferences in America, Consensus (May 14-16) and Token Summit (May 16-17). Join New York's top legal minds in closing out the week with the 5th installment of the popular speaking series, Blockchain & Law.

The morning symposium will be focused on some of blockchain’s biggest legal challenges and opportunities. Through an interactive panel, presentations and debate, some of the leading attorneys in the space will explore blockchains and share how they are navigating this digital transformation.

If you haven't been to one of our Blockchain & Law events be sure to check out the highlight video below.



Demonstration: Deploying a token to the Ethereum Testnet to interact with a payment application

By Daniel Dewar | Founder, Paperchain

The adoption of Ethereum's smart contract logic has seen a sharp increase in the 'tokenization' of things, with businesses looking to tokenize assets to simplify their exchange.

Almost every organization wants to ICO (yes, it could probably be a verb now). But what are the benefits of asset tokenization or token generation? What business opportunities does it represent and what does it look like in practice?

Join Paperchain founder Daniel Dewar as he demonstrates the development of a payments/receivables application that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain.

In this session you will learn: 

  • The tools required for Ethereum development
  • How to issue a token on the Ethereum blockchain
  • How to build a web application that interacts with assets on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Legal implications of tokenization and what parts of a smart contract code can constitute an agreement



  • Jenny Leung | Former regulator at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

  • Emily Schultz | Business Development Manager, Axoni

  • Lauren Stephanian | Investment Associate, Pantera Capital



  • Johanna Collins-Wood | Associate, Pepper Hamilton LLP



(Subject to change)

8:00a: Welcome Registration With Coffee & Pastries


8:45a: Introduction & Overview Of Event. Thank You From Our Sponsor.


9:00a: Presentation + 10 Min Q&A

Presentation: Air Dropping Tokens & Future of Smart Contracts

Presenter: Anthony Tu-Sekine


9:30a: Presentation + 10 Min Q&A

Presentation: Demonstration: Deploying a token to the Ethereum Testnet to interact with a payment application

Presenter: Daniel Dewar


10:00a: Coffee Break / Networking


10:15a: Panel

Moderator: Johanna Collins-Wood

Panelists: Jenny Leung | Emily Shultz | Lauren Stephanian


11:15a: Coffee Break / Networking


11:30a: Blockchain & Law Debate

Topic: TBD

Moderator: Gregory Rigano

Debaters: TBD


12:15p-1p: Coffee Break / Networking




Anthony Tu-Sekine, Esq.

Partner, Seward & Kissel LLP - LinkedIn

Anthony is Head of Seward & Kissel’s Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Group. He also is a member of the Firm’s Capital Markets and Securities and Investment Management Groups, and is located in Seward & Kissel's Washington, D.C. office. As member of S&K’s Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Group, Anthony has advised clients on a wide range of topics, including how to structure, issue and register tokens in ICOs, custody of both utility tokens and tokens that are securities, transfer and liquidity issues, and investments in crypto assets by funds and other investors. He received his B.A. from California State University, Fullerton, and his J.D. from Harvard Law School.


Daniel Dewar

Founder, Paperchain - LinkedIn

In 2016, Daniel founded Paperchain, a decentralized liquidity platform for digital media markets allowing media owners to turn their daily media transaction data into low-cost, working capital. Prior to that Daniel headed up the marketing & strategy team at one of Australia's leading data and analytics agencies, leading the agency’s transformation from a consultancy to a marketing & ad technology company.



jenny 200.jpg

Jenny Leung

Former regulator at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) - LinkedIn

Jenny Leung previously worked at the Australian securities regulator in the Market Infrastructure and Technology teams. Her role focused on the regulation of exchanges and clearing houses as well as policy issues and the impact of new technology. Her experience included participating in discussions with the Council of Financial Regulators working group on Blockchain, reviewing regulatory sandbox applications received through the Innovation Hub and drafting ASIC's first guidance note on the use of Blockchain technology for financial services/markets. 

Emily Schultz

Business Development Manager at Axoni - LinkedIn

Emily Schultz is Business Development Manager at Axoni, a distributed ledger technology company. Axoni is currently bringing the largest permissioned blockchain projects to production, including replatforming the DTCC’s Trade Information Warehouse for credit derivatives and building a distributed network for post-trade processing of equity swaps. Emily previously worked as an attorney at a law firm and hedge fund, focusing on derivatives and regulatory law.


Lauren Stephanian

Investment Associate, Pantera Capital - LinkedIn

Lauren Stephanian has over a year of experience advising for and consulting on Blockchain projects and currently works at a well known blockchain focused venture fund in San Francisco. She has experience in software development, trading, and venture capital and has programmed in Solidity. She holds a degree in Computer Science and is an avid enthusiast in emerging technologies. Her writing on Blockchain has been published in several highly read technical publications, including FreeCodeCamp and IBM’s DeveloperWorks.




Johanna Collins-Wood, Esq.

Associate at Pepper Hamilton LLP - LinkedIn

Johanna Collins-Wood is a lawyer at Pepper Hamilton LLP where she is part of the firm’s Blockchain Technology practice group. She has advised blockchain companies and cryptocurrency funds on various legal and regulatory issues. She is a regular speaker and writer on the legal issues faced by this industry and has been quoted by Coindesk. Johanna has a background in initial public offerings, public capital markets offerings, securities compliance and regulatory work.



Gregory J. Rigano, Esq.

Counsel at Elixr.One - LinkedIn

Gregory is a corporate tech lawyer with a deep interest in cryptocurrencies and intellectual property. He was an Associate at the international law firm Chadbourne & Parke LLP (now known as Norton Rose Fulbright) and the New York law firm Rigano LLC, representing both international and domestic enterprise in various healthcare technology transactions. His experience includes licensing of venture backed intellectual property portfolios, advising on various cryptocurrency matters and advancing healthcare R+D through utility of blockchain enabled fintech.


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The Business of Blockchains
9:00 AM09:00

The Business of Blockchains

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This one sells out fast. Limited seating available.

Want to learn what blockchains are all about? From theory to implementation, this course has you covered. With hands-on exercises, understand how to reframe your service or product using a blockchain.


Blockchain technology represents a fundamental shift in how we add value to a system by removing the need for trusted third parties. This creates the opportunity to build organizations, governments, and social networks never thought of before. The internet allowed people around the world to connect digitally. Blockchain allows people to transact and pass data back and forth in a decentralized, more transparent, more secure way.

Our graduates walk away with a solid foundation and understanding of how consensus is achieved in distributed systems, how smart contracts can facilitate automated business logic, the different types of blockchains available, and why this technology is going to disintermediate industries.


Past graduates have said:

"Great overview on blockchain, bitcoin and real-life applications of the technology."

- Lisa Yokoyama, VP Digital Product, American Express


"The instructors were on steriods! Hold onto your hat and enjoy the Blockchain ride."

- Cathy Smith, Developer, UBS


"Made the business case for blockchain technology clear"

- Thomas Strahm, Visiting Scholar, Columbia Law School


"Great overview and hands on training of blockchain with real world applications and use cases. Highly recommend and looking forward to attending future sessions.."

- Dori Liszkai, IoT Security Specialist



Course Overview

  • Hands-on with bitcoin and wallets
  • Using a blockchain explorer
  • Technical overview: Hashing, Mining, Nonces and Difficulty
  • Use cases of blockchains: Supply Chain, Insurance, Finance and More
  • Varieties of blockchains: Public, Private, Hybrids
  • Blockchain deficiencies
  • Hands-on with blockchain products: OpenBazaar and Etherisc
  • Launching your own blockchain on Microsoft Azure
  • Group hands-on: Creating a blockchain service


Upon completion of the course a Certificate of Completion with your name will be published on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Clients have included Fortune 500 executives, members from the academic community, government officials, technologists, and hobbyists.

All tickets are transferable and all sales are final. Transfer requests must be made 48 hours prior to the event.

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Blockchain & Law: Regulatory panel with breakout sessions
6:00 PM18:00

Blockchain & Law: Regulatory panel with breakout sessions


Welcome back to another edition of Blockchain & Law. Our last event, Self-governance in an unregulated world was our highest attended yet, with 155 of you joining us! Thanks for coming out and be sure to check out the highlight video below.


Every other month here at Blockmatics we bring the top legal minds in cryptocurrency and blockchain together for a discussion around the latest news and topics in the space. This month our experts are pulling out all the stops, in addition to our always popular panel discussion, each panelist will also be delivering an intimate 30 minute breakout session on the topics YOU most want to learn about. 

Breakout Topics

  • Tokenization & Market Infrastructure
  • The difference between a commodity and a security
  • Crypto Hedge Funds

This month's panel is gearing up to be our best yet with some especially notable news being made lately. Perhaps most noteworthy is the recent letter from FinCEN, the federal agency that oversee's money transmission and AML/CFT standards. The agency goes on to say that ICO issuers must register as money transmitters, meaning any company that sold its tokens to US citizens and hadn't registered with FinCEN prior may be charged with a felony under federal law, a point Coin Center took issue with.


In state news, Wyoming passed 5 bills this month related to cryptocurrency's and blockchain technology, the most significant defines utility tokens as an entirely new asset class. 


Join us on March 28th where you will hear leading industry experts debate these topics and more, including:


Spend an evening with:

  • Yvette D. Valdez Esq., Partner at Latham Watkins LLP

  • Conor O’Hanlon Esq., Associate at Perkins Coie LLP

  • Anthony Jew Esq., Associate at Seward and Kissel LLP

  • Jenny Leung, Former regulator at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)



These Events Sell Out Fast! Seating is Limited. Purchase Today. 



6:00p: Networking


6:30p: Breakout Sessions Begin

Speakers: Conor O'Hanlon | Yvette D. Valdez | Anthony Jew


7:00p: Networking


7:15p: Panel Discussion

Moderator: Jenny Leung

Panelists: Yvette D. Valdez | Conor O'Hanlon | Anthony Jew 


8:00p: Post-event Networking





Yvette D. Valdez, Esq.
Partner at Latham Watkins LLP
Yvette Valdez is counsel in the New York office of Latham & Watkins, and a member of the firm's Financial Institutions Industry Group and Derivatives Practice. Ms. Valdez has a wide range of experience advising dealers, broker-dealers, investment, retail and private banks, Fintech companies, investment managers, private equity funds and market infrastructure providers on complex regulatory challenges related to their commodity and derivatives trading businesses. Ms. Valdez applies these core regulatory principles to technology innovations in the cryptocurrency, smart contracts and distributed ledger technology space. Ms. Valdez has significant experience in advising clients on regulatory matters under Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act as well as other CFTC, SEC and prudential regulation.



Conor O'Hanlon, Esq.
Associate at Perkins Coie LLP
Conor is an attorney with Perkins Coie LLP’s virtual currency practice, where he focuses exclusively on all things blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech related. He assists with token offers, custody and exchange-related issues and advises on various securities and commodity law queries relating to conduct and entity characterizations under the Dodd-Frank Act. He is admitted as a practicing lawyer in New York and England. Prior to his time at Perkins Coie, Conor was a capital markets associate at a major international law firm, with a particular focus on derivatives law questions as they applied to fintech products.


Anthony Jew, Esq.
Associate at Seward & Kissel LLP
Anthony is an associate in Seward & Kissel LLP’s investment management group, where he specializes in issues related to the formation and management of private investment funds. He represents a number of cryptocurrency hedge funds. Prior to Seward, Anthony was an Executive Director and Assistant General Counsel and oversaw JPMorgan’s commodity investor business globally. Before JPMorgan, Anthony was an associate at Skadden, Arps in New York City. He holds a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a B.A. from the University of California, San Diego.



Jenny Leung
Former regulator at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
Jenny previously worked at the Australian securities regulator in the Market Infrastructure and Technology teams. Her role focused on the regulation of exchanges and clearing houses as well as policy issues and the impact of new technology. Her experience included participating in discussions with the Council of Financial Regulators working group on Blockchain, reviewing applications received through the Innovation Hub and drafting ASIC's first guidance note on the use of Blockchain technology for financial services/markets.


Topics Recently Covered:



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Cryptocurrency and Taxes - Learn What the IRS says for 2018
6:30 PM18:30

Cryptocurrency and Taxes - Learn What the IRS says for 2018

Tax day is coming and the government wants their cut of your crypto earnings. Are you prepared? What's the tax law around cryptocurrency and how do you stay within the law without giving it all away?


Join us on March 16th where you will hear from crypto tax professionals that will present their expertise on this complicated topic. 


Get answers to questions like:

  • Are crypto-crypto trades taxable? Can’t I use Sec 1031 like-kind exchange rules?

  • I owe a lot of taxes on my crypto trades from last year and I didn’t cash out at all.  Now my crypto is worth a lot less and I don’t have the cash to pay my taxes.  What do I do?

  • How to I estimate the value of my crypto for tax purposes?

  • Can I save on crypto taxes by running my trades through an LLC?

  • How can I lessen/eliminate my taxes on cryptocurrency taxes?

  • I developed a nifty bot that can arbitrage the price differences between exchanges. How do I get taxed on this activity?

  • I’m trading on foreign exchanges. Do I have to report this? The IRS can’t find me, right? 

  • I do crypto margin trading. How do I report this?


The Experts:

bryant tolles.jpg

Bryant Tolles, CPA

KTT Global Advisors - LinkedIn

Bryant Tolles, CPA, is an investor, advisor, and consultant to startups in the technology space. Bryant spent 18 years in the Silicon Valley in various positions in corporate finance, culminating as CFO of venture-backed cloud infrastructure provider OpSource, Inc., which was acquired by Dimension Data in 2011.  Bryant is now based in New York and is President of KTT Global Advisors, LLC, which provides accounting, finance, and tax services.



Frederick Towles, EA

The Towles Group Inc. - LinkedIn

Frederick Towles is a crypto-investor and advisor.  For the past 16 years Frederick has worked with a number of individuals, companies and non profit organizations throughout the United States offering guidance in the areas of taxation, accounting, business management, compliance and asset protection.  Frederick is the president of The Towles Group Inc based in Uniondale, New York which provides accounting, tax and finance related services. 

eric ross.jpg

Eric Ross, CPA

Ross Tax - LinkedIn

Eric Ross is the managing member of the firm. He is an expert on trader taxation and taxation of investment firms. Eric is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He began his accounting career in the tax department and MSG of the international accounting firms of Deloitte and PriceWaterhouse (PWC) in New York City. Subsequent to developing skills in tax strategy, planning and research, Eric continued his career by moving to Wall Street as an options market maker where he also served as the chief financial officer of a private investment company. In addition to managing his accounting practice, Eric owns the Ross School of Trading and Investment Management and has management roles in other business investments.


6:30p: Networking


7:00p-8:30p: Back-to-back talks

Bryant Tolles, CPA, KTT Global Advisors

Frederick Towles, EA, The Towles Group Inc.

Eric Ross, CPA, Ross Tax


8:30p: Post-event Networking


These Events Sell Out Fast!

Seating is Limited. Purchase Today. 



Other Topics Recently Covered:

Internet of Things & Blockchain Panel - IOTA, Atonomi, Augmate






Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs): The New Fundraising Sensation







Event Space Provided By


Rise New York is a global community of startups and corporates creating the future of commerce and fintech by helping startups and entrepreneurs connect, co-create, and scale innovation. In partnership with Barclays, we listen, nurture and oxygenate through our international network of Rise hubs. Rise New York also houses a world-class event space and is home to the U.S. cohort of the Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars.

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Getting Started with Cryptocurrency Wallets
1:00 PM13:00

Getting Started with Cryptocurrency Wallets

The total market capitalization for cryptocurrencies topped $500 billion US during January 2018. This ground breaking technology is developing at a fervant pace with thousands of different cryptocurrencies available for purchase. 

The first step in getting involved is by creating a cryptocurrency wallet. This one hour workshop will take you through the basics of the cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask which is used for the cryptocurrency Ethereum. 


During this workshop you will learn:

  • Which type of cryptocurrency wallets there are

  • Where you can go to buy cryptocurrency

  • What are public/private keys

  • How to send and recieve cryptocurrency

  • How to exchange your cryptocurrency for other tokens for free

  • Where you can go to learn more


Requirements to participate in workshop:

  • Laptop with the Chrome browser download

  • MetaMask Chrome browser extension installed (download here)

  • Positive Attitude



sean mck.jpg

Sean T. McKeough

Co-founder at Blockmatics - LinkedIn

Sean is the co-founder of Blockmatics, a leader in the blockchain education space. He regularly meets with leaders from a variety of industries to help them understand this transformative technology and how they might apply it to their business or passion. He recently served as the technical editor for the book, Blockchain: A Practical Guide to Developing Business, Law and Technology. Sean is a community organizer at heart and is a regular in the New York and Colorado blockchain event scene. 

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Ethereum Developer Course w/ BlockApps
to Aug 12

Ethereum Developer Course w/ BlockApps


This is for you if you're one of the following people-


  • A developer who wants to take your career to the next level by becoming a rare Blockchain specialist for this new billion dollar industry.  You realize that being a leader in a seismic shift pays huge dividends.  


  • An entrepreneur who's interested in smart contracts and the blockchain environment, sees opportunity, but needs more hands on experience to truly understand and harness these new technologies.  


  • A project manager, consultant, or technical lead who needs to understand the fundamental shift that is happening right now when it comes to global networks
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Initial Coin Offerings: The New Fundraising Sensation
6:00 PM18:00

Initial Coin Offerings: The New Fundraising Sensation

The SEC is taking a stance on ICO's and calls The DAO a security. What does this mean for the future of token sales and how may that effect you?

Get answers to questions like:

  • How does the recent SEC publication on the DAO affect the legality of ICOs?

  • Are you at risk because of the SEC stance? 

  • What is an ICO and what is it like to raise one?

  • Are ICOs worth investing in as a non-institutional investor?

  • How will regulatory guidelines affect investment strategy?

  • What are SAFT notes and how are they being used with large investors?

  • What is the typical distribution model for these tokens?

  • How are these organizations structured?

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Ethereum Smart Contract Workshop using Monax
12:00 PM12:00

Ethereum Smart Contract Workshop using Monax

Get Started Programming Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain with this Hands-On Workshop.

Want to get into Ethereum coding but don't know where to start? Learn what a smart contract is, the language it's coded in--Solidity--and then write and deploy your first smart contract.

We then go further by giving a hands-on introduction to Monax. Monax is an open platform for developers to build, ship, and run blockchain-based applications for business. Jan Scheufen, head of product at Monax, will guide students in designing, assembling, and deploying a smart contract-based application.

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Enterprise Ethereum and The Future of Blockchains
6:30 PM18:30

Enterprise Ethereum and The Future of Blockchains

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors to define enterprise-grade software to build upon the only smart contract supporting blockchain currently running in real-world production – Ethereum.

Come for a Panel Discussion by the key players in the Alliance, and learn what the near term goals are for Enterprise Ethereum and its use cases.

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Blockchain for Social Impact
2:30 AM02:30

Blockchain for Social Impact

A recent article in “Harvard Business Review” characterizes blockchain as “a means for individuals to coordinate common activities, to interact directly with one another, and to govern themselves in a more secure and decentralized manner.” While blockchain is well-known by now among cybersecurity and financial services companies, that statement should make this technology just as relevant to social impact organizations.

Join us we pull the curtain behind blockchain and discuss how it’s being leveraged for increased social impact in fields including healthcare and financial inclusion.

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