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Ethereum Developer Workshop for Beginners

  • Addison 15650 Addison Road Addison, TX, 75001 United States (map)

Get Started Programming Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain with this Hands-On Workshop for Beginners

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The topic of Blockchains and Digital Currency has exploded over the past 18 months. As proof the total market cap for cyrptocurrency surpassed $100 billion in July 2017. With global enterprises from Walmart to JP Morgan, IBM, Microsoft and more all getting involved the need for experienced programmers for these veteran and newly minted companies alike is growing at an unfillable rate.

Experienced Blockchain Developers Demand Big Salaries

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In this course you will learn how to code using the programming language Solidity. Solidity is the most popular programming language on the most popular distributed computing platform for developers called the Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum is unique in that it allows for full programs to reside and run on its blockchain. These programs are often called Smart Contracts and are often a part of Dapps, or distributed applications.

Want to get into Ethereum coding but don't know where to start? Learn what a smart contract is, the programming language Solidity, and then write and deploy your first smart contract.

Two-hour workshop. Programming will be on a web-based IDE, Remix.


  • Introduction to Ethereum and Smart Contracts
  • Interactive demo of a smart contract use-case [Etherisc Insurance Dapp]
  • Install and setup Metamask
  • Overview of the Remix IDE
  • Introduction to Solidity syntax, keywords and expressions
  • Solidity features: modifiers, fallback functions, events 
  • Writing a lottery smart contract
  • Deploying and interacting with smart contract

Instructor: Solomon Lederer Ph.D., received his doctorate in distributed and ad-hoc sensor networks where he came up with novel ways for networks to self organize. He went on to apply his research into developing new wireless networks for the U.S. Air Force. He has been teaching about blockchain and Ethereum for 2 years.

Prerequisites: Previous programming experience is required. Some familiarity of Javascript is ideal, but other programming experience is sufficient too. 

Requirements: Laptop, Chrome browser (with ability to install plugins).

Past Graduates Said:

"Fully staffed with incredibly helpful and friendly subject matter experts."

- Brook Armstrong, CEO, Blockskye


"Awesome!! Very engaging and interactive class. The trainers were very helpful. Learnt a lot. Great material. "

- Arpita Bhatia


"Something universities can never offer."

- Alan Wang, Software Developer, Swifto


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